Sayeed and Mohamed


Within the makeshift shelter of an inner city train tunnel, home to around one hundred homeless Arab men, Sayeed (top image) stands with his daily contribution to the “family”, a compact subdivision of fifteen individuals living within the larger group. Mohamed (bottom image), lies asleep in a smaller family group. They come from the Maghreb region of Northwest Africa; from Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria, where the unemployment rate is as high as 17% in some places, and those with higher education are the most affected by a lack of employment opportunities. In this tunnel I have met a doctor, a chef, a computer graphics graduate, engineers. They hoped Greece would open the world to them, but they find themselves worse off than before, without money to go back or move forward, and without the means to earn anything more than can aid their rough survival.

I have been photographing here since the beginning of the year and wanted to share their stories with you as part of my ongoing series Notes from a Train Tunnel. I will be returning to Athens again in two weeks.

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