Orfeu Negro


Orfeu Negro, a delightful new art space tucked away in the back streets of Keramikos, Athens, hosted the opening of a new painting exhibition by Michalis Kokoris last night. Steeped in old world charm, chandeliers twinkled from the ceiling as guests drank wine out of crystal and cosied around antique tables nibbling dainty servings of Greek cuisine. The hybridized gallery space/supper club was far from restrained however, with punters bursting into song with great gusto met by equally impassioned outbursts of piano, guitar and violin. There were even a couple of drum solos by John Floros squeezed in. By the end of the evening and well into the morning, the room was a swirling haze of spontaneous live music, candlelight and laughter, surrounded by the hot colours and dreamy themes of Kokoris’ simultaneously cosmic and cellular paintings.  Outside, Athens is burning. The exhibition runs until November 16th 2011.

More images at tanialeecrow.com

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