While in London…


Last week I attended the private view of World Press Photo 2010 and had the pleasure of meeting Olivier Laurent, news editor at British Journal of Photography and Reportage by Getty Images photographer and founder of Photojournalism Links, Mikko Takkunen. (His work Sierra Leone is well worth a look). World Press Photo of the Year 2010 winner Jodi Bieber gave a short but efficient speech about her image of ‘Bibi Aisha, the young woman whose Taliban husband and in-laws hacked off her nose and ears to punish her for seeking protection from the brutal treatment she had suffered at their hands for years’. During the shoot, Bieber put down her camera and through her translator, asked Aisha to forget what had happened to her for a moment and just focus on her inner power and beauty. That is when she took the shot. Bieber recently completed a personal project examining Real Beauty, of which she says ‘I felt a strong need to create a body of work that goes against what the media has depicted as beautiful.’

© Jodi Bieber

I also found my way to Diemar/Noble Photography photographers gallery to see Cut Out & Keep, the first solo exhibition by Christian Tagliavini. Captivating and textural, his meticulously controlled portraits combining formal style with expressive, alluring intimacy are merely the final stage of a much larger process of designing and creating the costumes himself, from scratch. An incredible display of intense craftsmanship and vision. See it if you can. Cut Out & Keep runs from 03 Nov 2011 – 07 January 2012.


© Christian Tagliavini

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