Fairly Fashionable? – The Launch


I dusted off my camera after a year of inactivity (has it been a year already? My little girl is now almost 7 months old!) and did a shoot for the launch of Fairly Fashionable? a couple of night’s ago.

‘Fairly Fashionable? challenges designers and consumers to ask themselves the big questions – where are my clothes made, how are they made, under what conditions are they made and how does their design and manufacture impact on the environmental, social and economic sustainability of our people and our planet?’

An exciting new project in it’s second year, Fairly Fashionable? was created by Fair Trade Freo and the WA Fair Trade Collective in response to the 2013 Bangladeshi factory collapse in Rana Plaza, killing 1134 people. It is the first event of it’s kind in Australia.

Over sixty designers; ranging from students to professionals, have now received their lucky dip bags containing ethically sourced fabric along with a blurb explaining the story behind the cloth. Each participant has just over two weeks to create a garment celebrating the material allocated to them. A public exhibition of the designs will take place on Fashion Revolution Day on April 24th and includes a silent auction with proceeds going to Khmer Creations, a social enterprise in Cambodia supporting at-risk and trafficked women through training and employment in jewellery production. Funds raised will go towards improving the facilities at the daycare centre which provides free childcare to employees.

Tickets available here.

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