Esma Velagic


Over the next two and a half weeks, I will be documenting designers involved in this year’s Fairly Fashionable? challenge. Participants across Australia have just over two weeks to design and create a garment celebrating the ethically sourced fabric they received at the launch on 1st April, which culminates in a Fair Trade fashion show on Fashion Revolution Day, April 24th.

Esma Velagic

‘My fabric comes from Jaipur, India. I resisted looking at it on the launch night because I wanted to do a ‘slow opening’, which I felt was important. In line with the slow fashion that Fairly Fashionable? promotes, I initially looked at the information that was provided about where the fabric came from and how it was made, before actually viewing the fabric itself. This allowed me to picture the men in Jaipur and admire their long tradition of woodblock printing. When I slowly unfolded the fabric I was able to appreciate the details and that allowed me to really see the fabric.’

DeReborn is Esma’s leather goods business in Perth, WA. She has a strong belief in sustainability, sourcing the leathers personally. All her products are uniquely handcrafted to allow the natural state of the leather to guide the design process. Check out her Instagram account for more about her work and process.

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