Louise Wells


Over the next two and a half weeks, I will be documenting designers involved in this year’s Fairly Fashionable? challenge. Participants across Australia have just over two weeks to design and create a garment celebrating the ethically sourced fabric they received at the launch on 1st April, which culminates in a Fair Trade fashion show on Fashion Revolution Day, April 24th.

 Louise Wells

‘I was quite surprised to receive a shirt and a bag because I was expecting a piece of fabric. The batik shirt came from Bali and the bag was made of hand woven, hand dyed silk from Tabitha Foundation in Cambodia. This connects nicely to the Cambodian silk organza I purchase from Pollard Designs on a regular basis to use in my textile artworks. I am hoping to combine these fabrics and honour their origins in my garment. My current inspiration is the batik flower motifs and the mint green colour’.

Louise Wells is a textile artist who is often inspired by our untold or hidden stories; the ones we keep close to our hearts. She uses a variety of techniques such as screen printing, stamping, block printing, shibori, hand dyeing and transfer printing to create pattern, layering and texture on silk and cotton fabrics, usually in bold and vibrant colours. She is blogging the process and progress of her Fairly Fashionable? 2015 garment on her website.