Vynka Topham


Over the next two and a half weeks, I will be documenting designers involved in this year’s Fairly Fashionable? challenge. Participants across Australia have just over two weeks to design and create a garment celebrating the ethically sourced fabric they received at the launch on 1st April, which culminates in a Fair Trade fashion show on Fashion Revolution Day, April 24th.


Vynka Topham

I have an invested interest in the various physical qualities of cloth and their resulting affect on the form of a garment. It is important to me, that the cloth is manipulated in such a way where there is an opportunity for re-use. The ethos of Fairly Fashionable resonates well with me as it encourages designers to consider the story behind the cloth itself – making the resulting garments all the more unique. Keeping the concept of the kimono in mind, I am attempting to maintain the integrity of the cloth by minimizing waste, allowing the simple yet considered cuts to ‘do the work’ so to speak, and produce the form. If my garment were to be deconstructed, the cloth would be returned to its original state’.

Vynka completed her studies in Contemporary Fashion at ECU in 2013 and is currently studying Visual Arts. Last year she participated in the prestigious Banshu Fashion Textiles Program and was awarded with the opportunity to travel to Japan to develop her own textile design. She was also awarded the Free Range Gallery award at the 2013 ECU graduate event, and went on to exhibit her work titled “Weaving Through a Thought” in 2014. Vynka currently has the role of Studios Coordinator at Paper Mountain in Northbridge and is a sessional demonstrator at Edith Cowan University for the Contemporary Fashion course. She believes that being in an environment that encourages and supports young West Australian artists invigorates her creative output, encouraging her to continue working hard to develop her skills and gain experience, with the hope of one day starting her own business. You can see more of Vynka’s work and progress on Instagram.

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