Helen Heap


Over the next two and a half weeks, I will be documenting designers involved in this year’s Fairly Fashionable? challenge. Participants across Australia have just over two weeks to design and create a garment celebrating the ethically sourced fabric they received at the launch on 1st April, which culminates in a Fair Trade fashion show on Fashion Revolution Day, April 24th.


Helen Heap

‘The challenge that Fairly Fashionable? presented of making jewellery from fabric really stretched me. I struggled at first and had a few failed attempts and a few “give it all up” moments, but suddenly inspiration struck and I was off and creating! I began with a beautiful hand dyed, printed and embroidered scarf and ended up with a big, edgy neckpiece that incorporates some antique ribbon I was given. It is more of an accessory than a traditional piece of jewellery. I’m so happy to have had the opportunity to think outside my usual parameters and be a part of this fabulous initiative’.

Alongside work and family commitments, Helen has been making jewellery on and off since she was 18.  “Handcrafted jewellery requires a lot of patience and skill and I love people to see my work. Gallery owners ask me to stock their galleries because they see me wearing my creations” she says. Find out more at Helen Heap Contemporary Jewellery.

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