Ayesha Thapa


Over the next two and a half weeks, I will be documenting designers involved in this year’s Fairly Fashionable? challenge. Participants across Australia have just over two weeks to design and create a garment celebrating the ethically sourced fabric they received at the launch on 1st April, which culminates in a Fair Trade fashion show on Fashion Revolution Day, April 24th.

_MG_0956Ayesha Thapa

‘I am aware of Fair Trade because I’ve visited the villages in Rajisthan, India where women from the community actively engage in printmaking and I’ve designed a few garments with women in Nepal who work with felt products, however I’ve never worked exclusively with ethically sourced fabric. Fairly Fashionable? presented me with an opportunity to draw from my history and heritage with a piece of fabric from Kolkata, India. It challenged me to reconnect with my homeland and explore the feelings of familiarity I felt upon seeing it. I used iconic Indian architecture to create a paper book template for my fabric so, like the pages of a book, my garment would offer glimpses of my past’.

Ayesha has been involved in the fashion industry since 2005. Originally from Nepal, she studied in India where she went on to design garments for the celebrities of Bollywood films and work on over fifty runway shows. Returning to Nepal, she found that she had become one of the most qualified people in the industry there so she made the move to study overseas to fulfill her dream of becoming an international designer. She is currently studying at Edith Cowan University. Visit her Facebook page for more.

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