Fairly Fashionable? – The Event


It’s been a busy two and a half weeks shooting the designers in their studios for the Fairly Fashionable? challenge. The event was a resounding success, with the sell-out parade coinciding with the second anniversary of the Bangladesh Rana Plaza disaster, now known universally as Fashion Revolution Day on April 24th. All garments were made using fabric donated by an ethical or fair trade business. Here is a small selection of frames from behind the scenes and on the runway…  


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Due to the success of door sales, Fairly Fashionable? raised enough to fund the Khmer Creations children’s project in Cambodia. As a result, they have decided to extend the bidding on their silent auction and direct the proceeds from these bids towards the emergency response to the earthquake in Nepal, which happened the day after the event. Some of the fair trade fabric donated to the Fairly Fashionable? challenge was made in Kathmandu.

Items are still available. Bidding closes at midnight on Sunday 3rd of May.

from top to bottom:
Designer: Megan Sears | Fabric donated by Anjel Ms and Empire of Bees
Designer: Asha Fuin | Fabric donated by Fair Go Trading
Designer: Louise Wells | Fabric donated by Anjel Ms and Nurturing Threads
Designer: Esma Velagic | Fabric donated by Fair Go Trading
Designer: Nicola Potter | Fabric donated by Anjel Ms and Fair Go Trading
Designer: Ayesha Thapa | Fabric donated by Oxfam Shop
Designer: Harrison Swan | Fabric donated by Anjel Ms

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