The Playground of Being


Sometimes things align in such a way as to present something unique and utterly wonderful.

In this case, I honour a significant chance encounter and the subsequent silvery threads, glistening with synchronicities, that bond us. Strong new connections actively weave their way into the complex universal tapestry, as other threads fade and fall away. A time of growth and expansion, but also listening, sensitivity and awareness. Courage and truth. As internal dimensions merge with the external world, so too, I enter the playground of being…

At dawn, I find myself on a 6 hour walk through Jarrahdale National Park with 3 women healers. The energy is electric, welcoming, supportive, connected, gentle and strong. There is magic in the air as mercurial leaves shake to acknowledge our presence, falling still as we enter. Here lie the markings of time and creation; the perfection and magic that is synchronicity. Nature and natural law.

_mg_0080_mg_0102_mg_0083Kitty’s Gorge Trail in Jarrahdale National Park, Western Australia


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